Day 17: Treehouse Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree

I’ve already finished the Data Pagination and Filtering Project (Project 2) a couple of days ago and today is the only time I can submit because of the limitations of submitting projects. It took me about less than two days to finish the whole project — including the “exceeds” guidelines. “Exceeds” means exceeds expectations — this is only optional if someone wants to do some extra work, wants to research and learn more, and add more functionality to the project. Basically, fulfilling the requirements of “exceeds” is like having the highest honor because it is not easy to do. Having an “exceeds expectations” grade is definitely what I aim to do on every project in this techdegree. I want to to apply the new skills I gained, learn more at the same time and include additional functionality to each project. In my last project (Project 1) I received an “exceeds expectations” mark. So, I am really looking forward to receiving my grade and hopefully I get the “exceeds expectations” mark!

While my 2nd project is being graded, I will start on my third project since I already finished the outlined course for the third project yesterday.