Today I learned about Tailwind CSS. It is a utility-first framework that basically contains classes that are pre-loaded with the different CSS functionalities like flex, font-sizes, background-colors, etc.

It is my first time learning about this type of framework. And to be honest, it was a bit difficult at first because I am used to doing code from scratch. I found reating classes and id’s, and modifying them in my CSS stylesheet very comfortable when I first started to learn programming. I studied HTML and CSS at the same time as I was creating a clone for social networking app. And it was definitely great to see how I can create each and every move. So, learning this framework at first was a bit confusing since I am used to coding everything from the ground up and seeing each and every move of what I do. Though, after a couple of hours of using Tailwind CSS, I suddenly found it very easy to use — and the fact that it already comes with the classes(which directly tell you what function it does like: text-lg (Makes your text large), bg-blue-500(Tailwind CSS comes with a color palette were you can see the differnet colors and their corresponding number — unlike before you had to do rgba or rgb to adjust colors manually), mt-6 (margin-top 6) and so much more), made it much more easier.

Today was just my first day of familiarizing myself with Tailwind CSS. I definitely recommend it to anyone because it is really helpful — even if you don’t know too much CSS. But having the background knowledge such as knowing what flex is and other jargons would surely help you like how it helped me. Definitely, I will learn more things while using this framework for my current project (I am using Tailwind CSS as my CSS tool for the styling of my current clone project). For now, the results are definitely fantastic!



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