TIL/ 2020–11–10

Today I learned how to use Python on HTML.

I am currently trying to clone Airbnb. Today, I am slowly creating my home page by using Python and HTML.

There are a few things that I want to highlight:

Using for loop in HTML:

In the image above, I am in a .html file. To be able to use Python and its functions such as the for loop and if statements we need to use the symbols {% %}. In the middle of the symbols, this is where you can put in your functions.

Though, do note that using the for loop or if statements in HTML does require you to close those functions. As you see in the images above, there is an {% endfor %} and an {% endif %}. Without ending your Python code, it simply won’t work or it will generate an error that tells you to end it.

Using HTML in the Python for and if statements:

Even if you created the {% for __ in __ %} {% endfor %}, doesn’t mean that you cannot use HTML code inside it. As you can see in the images above, even if I am inside or outside the Python functions (as long as I am in the .html file) I can freely use HTML either inside or outside the Python functions.

If you are wondering about what {{pages}} or {{pages|add:-1}} means, it will be on my next blog! See you there!



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